Blog #domestic abuse

******WARNING****** The following blog includes talk of suicidal thoughts, rape and abuse. ******WARNING****** Many people have asked me and I'm sure many more have asked themselves; What happened to her to cause her to be so depressed? Well this is just a slight insight into the horrors of my past. i have spent over 20 years trying to keep them locked away but as I now know this has been one of the main reasons why I suffer so much with mental health issues. It's not the whole story, it's just an insight. The main thing is, I'm getting it out there. It's no longer trapped in my mind eating away at my soul, I have released it.

After the success of my last blog, here I discuss the ordeal I went through in order to break the chains of captivity surrounding me and start my life again. It was a tough and extremely painful night, but the main thing is…I survived.

***** TALKS OF DOMESTIC ABUSE, SOME GRAPHIC DETAILS OF ABUSE DISCUSSED. ALSO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE***** I am unfortunately a victim of domestic abuse. This was one of the worst times of my life, and has resulted in the mental illnesses I suffer with today. I have never openly talked about my past before (except with my husband and psychiatrist) but if one person finds hope or comfort in hearing my story and knowing they aren't alone then it's all worth it.