There are many words I could use to describe myself. I'm a mother, a wife, a carer for my husband, a wedding planner setting up her own business, I used to be a bouncer, and quite a good one even if I say so myself, now I'm a writer. My passion for writing has always been within me ever since I was a child, my mother, uncle, grandmother and grandfather have all been successfully published, so I guess you can say that writing is in my blood. Unfortunately my battle with mental illness throughout my adult life and personal situations I have found myself in have in the past prevented me from pursuing my dream of becoming a published author, until now. I am currently working on my first novel, but always being one for a challenge I have recently decided that I want to do more with my writing. Therefore I decided that I would also become a blogger. My goal with my blog is to help educate others about the difficulties of leading a "normal" life whilst battling mental illnesses, and to reach out to those who are afraid to speak. Through reading my blog, about my life and my experiences I hope others will find that they are never alone, and that talking about mental illness does not mean that you are weak, it is in fact the total opposite; YOU ARE STRONG! I have personally seen the devastation caused by people not discussing their problems or concerns about their mental health whether it be depression, PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia etc. and through allowing others to read my work I hope that you can see that there is always a way through these things, it may not be through writing, as I have found to be helpful, but together we can work through our issues and battle our demons.
Hope you enjoy reading my blog, and if you ever have any questions you would like to ask then I would only be to happy to oblige

Thank you.